We’re thrilled you’re taking steps to understand more about what motivates and drives your money decisions.
It’s why we’ve created the Money Motivator Needs Assessment, a completely new personality-driven tool meant to help you uncover the motivations behind each and every financial decision you make.
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Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 to gain these important insights:

1. Take the assessment

discover which of the three motivator types is yours.

2. Learn from the six-part follow-up

an email series designed to deepen your understanding of your type.

3. Use the insight you’ve gained

toward growing your wealth and living a rich life.
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Learn what your results reveal!
Whether you take these insights and engage with a Wealthquest advisor, with another advisor, or use them on your own, we’re convinced that this unique tool will create new, meaningful, and impactful insights for you.
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