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We constantly pursue improvements to our product and process.


We serve clients and one another with warmth and humility.


We bring excellence to our work and actively seek personal growth.


We lead clients through life’s obstacles and opportunities with clarity and confidence.


We achieve uncommon success through great teamwork.

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Why Our Employees Love Wealthquest

"For women, and particularly for working mothers, there’s often this reality check that makes you feel like you can’t have it all – the feeling of accomplishment without significant sacrifices in your health, ambition, family, or personal and professional fulfillment. When I came to Wealthquest, I felt for the first time in my career that I didn’t have to choose – I could have an amazing career with colleagues who are passionate and gifted in what they do, quality family time where I could actually be present and available to them while making incredible memories, and the space to dream and grow both personally and professionally."

-Megan Hammann, Director of Financial Planning

Why Our Employees Love Wealthquest

“ As one of the founding employees of Wealthquest, it’s been an incredible journey. Through it all, our leadership has been steady yet innovative, serious about our mission yet willing to laugh and have fun, good stewards yet generous, all the while making each employee feel heard, valued, and empowered.  They have given me opportunities to do what I love but have also challenged me to go out of my comfort zone without the pressure of being “perfect”.”

-Jenny Burns, Senior Wealth Advisor

Why Our Employees Love Wealthquest

“ I knew the positive atmosphere and nurturing culture at Wealthquest was a perfect fit for me and something I had been craving for many years.  I am extremely grateful to be able to work for and invest my time, knowledge, and experience in a firm who understands the importance of supporting and investing in their people to make me and my colleagues feel valued and enable us to achieve a healthy work/life balance. I am so blessed to be part of Wealthquest and work in a collaborative, forward thinking atmosphere where they not only focus on the needs of our clients, but also the needs of each employee.”

-Cyndi Dicello, Wealth Administrator

Why Our Employees Love Wealthquest

“ At Wealthquest, I have found a workplace that truly values its employees and fosters a supportive environment. I feel fortunate to be part of a team that not only invests in my growth but also celebrates individual achievements. Wealthquest has allowed me to experience the incredible effects of a positive work environment and genuine passion for my job, which extends beyond my professional life and positively influences my personal life too.”

-Michael Riney, Wealth Advisor

Why Our Employees Love Wealthquest

“ I have never felt so valued and cared about, both personally and professionally, as I do at Wealthquest.  Wealthquest employees are truly treated with the same genuine care and attention that is shown to our clients, and the corporate culture is second to none.”

-Jill Northcutt, Senior Client Operations Specialist

Why Our Employees Love Wealthquest

“ Wealthquest is exactly what an employer should be. With great benefits and focus on work-life balance, I couldn’t be happier at my job. Working with positive people makes it a pleasure to come to work each day.  My family has commented about the difference in my attitude since I’ve begun employment at Wealthquest. Weathquest values their employees, and it shows.”

-Shelly Spiller, Office Manager

Wealthquest has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by both Cincinnati Business Courier and Investment News, a Top 300 RIA by The Financial Times, and a Top 100 Wealth Manager by RIA Channel.
Cincinnati Business Courier "Best Places To Work 2019” was published in September 2019. Investment News “Best Places to Work For Financial Advisors” was published in 2023. Investment News “Fastest Growing RIA in Ohio was published in June 2019. Financial Times “Top 300 RIA” was published in July 2020. RIA Channel “Top 100 Wealth Managers” was published in 2019.

For additional information regarding any of the third-party rankings listed above, please click the individual thumbnails to learn more about the ranking process and related criteria.  Please note, Wealthquest did not pay a fee to be included in any of the rankings, but does subscribe to services offered by the third parties listed.

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