007 // Maximizing the Impact of Your Investments

Sam chats with James Oliger about investment management and how to maximize the impact of your investments. They also talk about how to effectively coordinate your Investments with all the other areas of your financial life.

They go over financial planning, taxes, estate planning and more. James also shares the worst financial advice he has ever heard along with some of the best financial advice he’s heard. Stick around to take your investments and finances to the next level.

Episode Highlights:

[02:50] James is the Senior Fund Analyst at Wealthquest. He's been with us for over two decades.

[04:36] James talks about how investment management is coordinating your investments relative to your financial plan and taxes. Having a team working together makes sure that the client isn't taking too much risk.

[05:24] The investments have to be coordinated with the rest of the team.

[06:04] James talks about common misconceptions people have when they hear investment management.

[07:32] Investment vehicles have evolved and changed over time.

[08:51] We focus on meeting the clients goals and smoothing out the stock market ride.

[09:36] We focus on what really matters. Shrinking volatility helps the client stay invested which will help them reach their goals.

[11:43] James oversees all of the trading in the company. He communicates with the advisors and stays current on the market.

[14:06] Your financial plan includes when you want to retire and how generous you want to be.

[14:52] The investment committee also coordinates with the tax team. When the market goes down, it might be time for tax law harvesting.

[17:07] Deciding on how much risk the client would like to take is also part of the investment process. The entire team coordinates to reach the clients end result.

[18:01] There are a lot of benefits to working with an advisor including saving time.

[21:05] Sam talks about web based robo advisors. There is a low fee, because there's very little human interaction. It's like an index fund for advising.

[23:57] Without coordinating all of your financial planning, you could miss out on things like tax harvesting opportunities, medicare premiums, and direct communication with the tax advisor.

[27:15] James shares the worst investment advice that he's ever heard. His best advice is to start early.

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