001 // The Rich Life Becomes Invest In Your Life

It's transition time. James is moving on to take a pastoral role in his church and The Rich Life Podcast is becoming the Invest In Your Life podcast. Certified Financial Planner Sam Martinez is taking over as the new host of the Invest In Your Life podcast. James is also here to introduce Sam and share what's happening with the show. Sam and James have a conversation about where this podcast came from, what it's turned into, and where it's going.

The podcast is going to look at what it truly is to have a meaningful life. Money is more than math and figures. It’s about emotion, relationships, dreams, and fears. James talks about how important it is to have a different conversation about money and what that would like. They stress the importance of investing in our lives and not just the stock market. We hope you love the new show.

Episode Highlights:

[01:55] James introduces us to Sam Martinez who is going to be the host of an even better podcast from Wealthquest. It's better because we are going to do a deep dive into what it looks like to truly invest in a meaningful life.

[02:24] James is transitioning from Wealthquest to a pastoral role at his church. He'll still be around. He's on the board and will be a guest on the podcast.

[02:55] Sam is a certified financial planner, a husband, and an all-around great guy. He's passionate about many of the same things as James.

[04:09] James shares his original vision when beginning the podcast. He didn't want the conversation about money to only be about math, facts & figures, and tax laws. Money is hard because it's emotional and relational. It's where our dreams and fears collide.

[04:43] The original intent was to get the client used to the industry talking differently.

[05:10] Clients want to talk about the things that matter more and that are closer to their heart and that they understand.

[06:26] Sam is excited to continue the conversation. He loves being a part of client stories.

[07:22] He also loves telling the Wealthquest story.

[07:54] It's important to get serious on how to invest in our lives, not just investing in the stock market.

[08:53] The podcast is going to continue to tell stories and help people do the research to simplify their financial lives.

[09:08] Wealthquest has many smart people on the team who are going to come on the podcast and have a conversation with Sam.

[11:10] How the Wealthquest model allows people to invest in their life.

[13:55] Wealth takes time. Don't get in money's way and let it do what it does.

[16:35] James shares a story about a couple who decided to invest in their child's fertility journey.

[17:14] Another client took an epic trip with her kids and their spouses to Iceland.

[18:30] James and his family are in an adventure season, and they're going on massive hikes. They also discuss finances as a family and help others.

[21:29] James will be back on the podcast.

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